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by Sam Juliano

Maurice is a young bear with a chronic hankering to find something that others say he must patiently wait for.  His first problem is that he doesn’t even really know what the object of his search looks like.  His incessant obsession with wanting something that comes only once a year amusingly recalls the short film Elmo Saves Christmas, where our fearless wisher learns his lesson the hard way.  In Carin Berger’s Finding Spring the problem is more a case of a young one not knowing the duration of a season.  When his mother takes him to pick some berries he triumphantly sings “Spring! Spring!, not realizing the activity is normal during the latter stage of winter.  After being assured by his mother that it is exceedingly difficult to wait, and that it is time to sleep, Maurice steals away, vowing to find the object of his queries.  The first group he accosts with his silly request do not give him the time of day.  The squirrel tells him he may have to wait a while, while the giggling  rabbit firmly dismisses him with “Not yet!.”  Deer didn’t even respond while eating grass, and Robin sagely declared “Everything in its time.”  Maurice proceeds through the woods, which smell “musky”, though he detects something “new and tangy in the air.”  He is convinced that the clues are pointing towards Spring, and after he feels an icy sting on his nose and then finds a crystal on his paw, he believes his elusive season is at hand.  More and more crystals form and Maurice chases after them past dry leaves, broken branches and over a frozen stream.  He reaches the great hill where is finds an atmospheric winter wonderland.  Ecstatically he declares his search is over, and declares “S-p-r-i-n-g!  S-p-r-i-n-g! I Found Spring! while forming a large snow ball to bring home for verification. (more…)

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