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bear 1

by Sam Juliano

Julia Sarcone-Roach’s The Bear Ate Your Sandwich is the year’s dreamiest picture book. As such it takes a few viewings to focus, but when it kicks in one can never get enough of it.  What we have is a seamless blend of prose, illustration and design and to boot the book is a hoot and sports one of the best titles of the year.

We first see the black bear of the title sleeping in a small clearing in the woods on the extended titled page.  Then we are told by an unidentified narrator:   “By now you know what happened to your sandwich.  But you may not know how it happened.  So let me tell you.  It all started with the bear.”  We then see the bear exercising at daybreak before the scent of ripe berries leads him to the red pick up that is transporting the baskets.  He manages to climb aboard without detection, feasts on the berries and falls asleep under the sunlight and the buzzing of bees.  The innocuous country sounds are soon replaced by the much louder road travel rumbling after his unwitting host has crossed a suspension bridge into a metropolis.

“He was being quickly swept along like a leaf in a great river.  The forest disappeared in the distance and high cliffs rose up around him.”



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