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by Sam Juliano

There are more carrots in the text and illustrations of Wolfie the Bunny than in any picture book since Creepy Carrots and there is even an unwitting homage to the earlier work by way of the “Carrot Patch” food coop, the place of replenishment for the bunny family at the story’s center.  Trendy Park Slope, Brooklyn in the setting of the 2015 release by Ame Dyckman, with art by Zachariah Ohora.  This is the neighborhood where the Bunny Family resides, and where they are surprised to find a bundle outside their basement door one day.  They are subsequently aghast when they discover a baby wolf, but ever the progressives they immediately embrace their new acquisition with red carpet bravado.  While mommy and daddy bunny profess no quibbles at claiming immediate ownership, and assessing how cute he is, their daughter Dot is grounded in the reality of the situation, frantically opining “He’s Going To Eat Us All Up!”  Much too infatuated to listen the bunny parents set him up at bedtime and he’s soon fast asleep.  Fearing the worst Dot stays up keeping an eye on the unwanted intruder via a headband featuring a flashlight.  In the morning Wolfie is served carrots for breakfast and is repeatedly photographed by the proud parents.  Dot, however, is unwavering as she warns them again that they will soon be Wolfie’s next meal.  After Dot’s friends stop by to see the family’s new sibling, they join Dot in fearful denunciation, screaming “He’s Going to Eat Us All Up!”, prompting Dot to recommend an alternate location to play. (more…)

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