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Welcome to the wonderful world of what was cinema for me this 2015. It was a year of discoveries, wonderful insights and a change of pace in terms of how I react and write about the movies that I see. I won’t start saying that my list has more or less authority, or personality than any of the others around the world, specially since it comes in the middle of January, when most people have already done their lists and have already been revered, feared or mocked because of them. So, without much further ado, I present to you what I consider to be the best 20 films of 2015.

For this list I consider only audiovisual projects that were originally released in 2015, whether they be in festivals, commercial theaters, online, secret screenings, online leaks, or whatever it is that I ended up seeing them, but only screened or published for the first time in the calendar year of 2015. Beyond that, anything goes, here you could end up seeing short films, TV movies, music videos, Mini-series, Web videos and many feature-length films, watched in theaters, festivals or online. This is the 21st century, welcome to it. My list might not be the most original or even the most eclectic, but I can say that these 20 films defined my 2015.


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