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by Sam Juliano

An arctic vortex descended on the Metropolitan area over the last few days, sending temperatures that bottomed out at -1 F Sunday morning in what is being called the coldest Valentine’s Day in a hundred years.  Yet  tomorrow we are expecting 50 degrees F in an extreme swing that is mind boggling.  Yet a bright sun was out in all its resplendent glory on Sunday.  Today is President’s Day in the US and banks and post offices -not to mention schools for the entire week in some districts including our own- are closed.  In my hometown of Fairview, New Jersey Lucille and I will again host our annual Oscar party on February 28th at the Tiger Hose Firehouse at 6:00. P.M. As always it is an Open House, and all our friends, online or in person are encouraged to attend.  Dante’s will be catering for the third year in a row, and as everyone who is familiar with their food, they know it is phenomenal.  Six hot items and their legendary six foot heroes along with a salad and beer and beverages will be offered.  Usually around 40 people attend, though some years that number has gone higher.

I am still experiencing lower back pain -some days severely- but will be visiting a local chiropractor this week.   I am planning to send out a group e mail to the previous participants of the site’s genre polls within the coming weeks to discuss the tentative launching of the “Science Fiction Films Countdown” in the late spring.

Lucille and I one film in theaters this week, a Valentine’s day screening of the Michael Moore documentary WHERE TO INVADE NEXT, and we also attended the Friday night staging of Peter Danish’s one act play THE FINAL DAYS OF WOLFE TONE in Suffern, New York.   Wolf Tone, was the leader of the United Irishmen and is considered the Father of Irish Republicanism.  While the son of a privledge Protestant family, he saw the scourge of government sponsored sectarianism and prejudice for the tool of oppression it was and formed the United Irishmen to establish an independant republic where all Irish men and women could live in peace and freedom. “The Final Days of Wolfe Tone” tells the tale of his last days in prison leading up to his execution – days spent writing the chronicle of his life, that gave birth to the Irish Revolution that would inevitably lead to the Rising of 1916.  The three actors who compromised the full cast was exceptional. (more…)

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