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by Sam Juliano

Americans have been amply regaled by the presidential election over the past weeks, and things will only get more intense as wee move through March and April.  I have already committed to Bernie Sanders in the New Jersey June Democratic primary, but I recognize his chances are remote.  Still the man is giving it his all, and the debates and news cycles have been fascinating to witness.  The same could be said about the Republican primary where the perverse Donald Trump is raising all kinds of hell, and making this the most irresistible campaign in my lifetime.  I predicted Trump would win many months ago against the clueless early prediction of NY Times guru Nate Silver, but right now it is very hard to say how it will end up, even with a modest likelihood of a Trump victory.  At the present time it looks like Hillary Clinton in November.  Huge primaries are set for tomorrow in Michigan and Mississippi, where Trump and Clinton hold wide leads in polls.  Then comes the real day of reckoning on March 15th when voters will be casting ballots in Florida (winner takes all), North Carolina, Missouri, Illinois and Ohio (winner takes all).

With retirement dinners, family responsibilities revolving around the college attendance of my two oldest, and dealing with my improving lower back pain, Lucille and I have been pretty much spoken for over the past week.  We did see one new release, which is the first masterpiece of 2016.  I did manage to see a few blu rays at home, one a recent Criterion release of an Italian film I thought quite good. (more…)

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