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by Sam Juliano

Because I have been caught with the once-every-four-years Presidential election bug, I’ve been away from the site and other blogs the last several weeks.  For both parties the moment of truth has arrived with five crucial state primaries tomorrow that will pretty much define the race.  I am expecting Bernie Sanders to prevail in Illinois and perhaps even Ohio, though I see Hillary Clinton winning a narrow contest in Missouri and much bigger wins in North Carolina and Florida.  The results will insure that Sanders will continue on till the convention.  On the Republican side Donald Trump will win the vital vote in Florida by a big margin, and will also triumph in North Carolina, Illinois and Missouri, though he will almost surely lose in Ohio to John Kasich.  Watching the debates, the daily election cycle and the primary results has been quite a sobering experience to say the least.  Similarly I’ve kept up with all the various commentaries, many quite fascinating.

Lucille and the three boys accompanied me to Mount Holly, New Jersey on Saturday afternoon to take in our friend Jeff Stroud’s art exhibition in a quaint home in the community on the outskirts of Philadelphia.  We picked up one of the artist’s sublime creations too.

I have not given up on the links, but have been forced to take a short break because of the time-consuming nature of this feature at this time. (more…)

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