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by Sam Juliano

Hard to believe we have moved into May, but the passage of time rarely leaves us prepared.  Here at Wonders in the Dark we are approaching the planned time frame for the long-advertised “Science Fiction film countdown” and are anticipating the start of the first phase: the forwarding of ballots.  This particular countdown has admittedly received less enthusiasm in a general sense, but I am hopeful it will still be successful.  Otherwise, political junkies are no doubt getting their fix with the spate of crucial presidential primaries that have all but anointed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as their party’s nominees.

Lucille and I had a pretty unforgettable week, one that offered diversity and quality.  Coming on the heels of the Tribeca Film Festival – where we managed 35 feature films over eleven days – it allowed us to maintain a high level of activity while straining the limits of our stamina.  I hope to post some reviews of the experiences, even while I continue by scene-specific Tribeca coverage. (more…)

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