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by Sam Juliano

The deadline for science fiction countdown ballots is June 15th.  I will be sending out my own list this week, and have been assured by others that they will be following suit.  I will be sending out reminders to the e mail chain tomorrow, and also encourage any readers at the site who are interested to forward a Top 50 to me at your convenience.

Another incredible week for the record books included a three-day trip to the nation’s capital.  This is the fifth year in a row I made the annual Lincoln school pilgrimage to a bunch of memorials, Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon, Ford’s Theater, several Smithsonian museums and other sites, and my 8th grade son Jeremy and teaching colleague and friend Broadway Bob were aboard for the trek.  For the most part the weather was overcast and temperatures hovered around 70, making this an especially comfortable venture.

Lucille and I attended two fabulous musical events over the weekend.  The Choral Arts Society of New Jersey presented “Songs of the Sea,” which included works by Ralph Vaughan Williams, Beethoven, and Benjamin Britten, and at the Players Guild of Leonia, a program titled “The Memory Lingers On” featured the songbook of American songwriting icon Irving Berlin.  Both shows were sublime and spirited and will be separately reviewed. (more…)

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