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Bill Genovese, brother of murdered Kitty (in 1964) responds to questions on stage with filmmakers after screening of documentary THE WITNESS

by Sam Juliano

Those planning to submit a ballot for the Top 50 science-fiction film countdown still have eight (8) days left to do so.  So far a very impressive sixteen people have handed in their votes in a polling that started off with a distinct measure of indifference.  When voting closes Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr. will tabulate ahead of the process of sorting out writing assignments.  A late june launching is anticipated at Wonders in the Dark.

Warm, though not scorching weather has settled in on the east Coast as some await all the various late June activities that define the ending of school years and for some impending retirements.  This week also marks the conclusion of the presidential election primary process, where it is a given that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be squaring off in the November election.  I did see this coming quite a while back even while some experts set the odds at 3%.  My own vote on tuesday in the New Jersey Democratic primary will be cast for Bernie Sanders.

This past week was a busy one on the domestic one for Lucille and I though movie-wise we only saw a single new release in theaters -on Saturday with Broadway Bob- on the same weekend where all my kids made good on passes to the annual Randall’s Island music concert.  Again the pace with at-home film viewings was a torrid one though. (more…)

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