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Fiddler on the Roof lyricist Sheldon Harnick at Film Forum on SundayEnter a caption


by Sam Juliano

The depravity in Orlando over the weekend reduces all other discussion to below inconsequential, but life goes on in unconscionable mode, leaving us to ponder yet again how current gun laws continue to allow such events to transpire.  Of course even with revision, we wouldn’t be safe from recurrences, but it all seems much too easy.  There are no words for the horror in the Pulse nightclub.

Last night’s Tony Awards offered no surprises, with the musical Hamilton and the play The Humans dominating the festivities.  The surprisingly successful ballot stage of the science fiction countdown has now reached its final days, with a deadline of 11:00 P.M., this coming Wednesday, June 15th.  So far we have exceeded 20, and expectations are for several more than that before voting is closed, at which point Voting Tabulator extraordinaire Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr. will take over.

Another busy week for Lucille and I included a trip to the Court Bookstore in Brooklyn to attend a launch party for Edward (grandson of you-know-who) Hemingway’s “Field Guide to the Grumpasaurus.”  As always for such events, young Jeremy was with us. (more…)

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