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Screen cap from Kaneto Shindo 1952 Japanese masterpiece “Children of Hiroshima”

by Sam Juliano

The first stage of the science-fiction countdown has concluded, and Voting Tabulator Extraordinaire Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr. has announced that 33 ballots have been cast.  After the results are sent on to me later this week I will immediately notify the group involved by e mail so writing assignments can be firmed up.  Everything considered the project is panning out to be far more successful than was original anticipated, and I want to thank everyone on board for their passionate attendance towards its negotiation.  After speaking to a few members of the group, I have decided to expand the actual countdown to a Top 60 – meaning the tabulation and essay writing will include 60 films, to be presented as always in reverse order.  July 1st  (Friday) will be the first day of launch, with a Monday through Friday schedule that will run through mid September.  I have received several requests from prospective writers, asking me to set aside assignments connected to films that are widely anticipated to make the final cut.  Lastly, I regret not being able to institute the element of secrecy that some in the group had suggested, as it would complicate the manner in which this endeavor will be presented.  Still, the site readers -aside from those in the e mail group- will still be in the dark as far as the results are concerned.

The tragic death of Star Trek’s Chekov, Anton Yelchin at 27 years old leaves one in a sense of disbelief.  Such a promising young actor and reputedly wonderful man has now been snuffed out to the implausibilities of fate.  R.I.P.  Anton’s work will live on forever.

Lucille, Danny and I attended Round 2 of Edward Hemingway’s new book tour at the Curious Reader Bookstore in Glen Rock, New Jersey on Saturday morning in promotion of his fabulous “Field Guide to the Grumpasaurus.”  the popular and affable Hemingway -the youngest grandson of you-know-who- charmed the large group of youngsters and adults in attendance. (more…)

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