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Young Danny and Allan during 2009 Christmas trip to Fairview, New Jersey

by Sam Juliano

This week’s Monday Morning Diary has been reduced to irrelevence in view of the unconscionable news from Allan Fish’s saintly mum Sue that his condition is at a critical juncture.  We are all left to pray for his recovery and a positive turn in his prognosis.  Allan is presently at the infirmary in Lancaster fighting off an infection, and awaiting his first round of chemotherapy.  He will probably be back home in Kendal within a week or so.  In view of his health crisis, we are left to force ourselves to move forward with all the prior plans, but everything is now emotionally compromised.  Allan and I co-founded the site back in 2008, and up until last year his own involvement was remarkably prolific.  This can be easily enough accessed in the bulging archives of the site under Allan’s name.

Yes the 4th of July is upon us, and plenty of activities are no doubt in the cards for many.  This is also the week the long-awaited Top 100 science fiction countdown launches.  It will commence this coming Wednesday, June 6th and will continue unabated everyday until October 13 when the Number 1 essay will post.

This past week has been occupied by disbelief, tears and depression, though attempts have been made to move forward, with one film seen in the theater, a trip to Medieval Times and another to the zoo at Van Saun Park in Bergen County with the family.  We saw: (more…)

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