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Screen cap from 1962 Kon Ichikawa masterpiece “The Outcast”


by Sam Juliano

Last week’s family tragedy has not abated and won’t for a long time for members of my family and myself, but I have found at least one way to cope – to immerse myself in long-elusive works of the cinema.  The past several weeks my friend and long time site colleague Allan Fish and I have engaged in some fantastic film discussions/back and forth commentary everyday via FB message on the major parcel of harder-to-find cinematic gems, many of them Japanese, but a good number European as well sent to me a few weeks back.  Over the years Allan and I have shared our revelations and opinions on many films he has recommended, and the past weeks have seen that practice gloriously accelerated.  I received Allan’s latest parcel two weeks ago and have attacked it with singularity of purpose, reporting back to the sender all times during day and night to report my final rating and numerous other observations during various pauses while watching.  It has been quite an experience (and as always from Allan an education) and will continue well into the future.  Over the past seven days that have followed our tragedy I have watched twenty (20) feature length films from the “stacked deck” and have come away infinitely richer is expanding my cinematic boundaries.  I greatly lament that many of these films have not yet received legitimate DVD/blu ray releases, though in large measure the copies Allan has sent on have been superlative in quality.  One of the 20 was actually from an Eclipse set I acquired this week at Barnes & Noble as part of the July 50% off sale.  But the other 19 were sent on from Allan.

The Science Fiction countdown has been moving forward most impressively, especially in terms of the extraordinary scholarship being penned by the writers on board.  Comments and page views as well have been uniformly excellent.  Lucille, the three boys and I saw the new film in the Star Trel franchise Saturday afternoon.  I had mixed feelings on it, enjoying some aspects of the character interactions, but growing weary of the bombastic fireworks display of endless pyrotechnics.  For the record I am a lifelong passionate Trekkie. (more…)

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wenders 1

wenders 2

Note:  A few captures are provided for this unreviewed title in the countdown.  Though such an instance will occur hardly at all during this project, this unfortunately is one time it has happened.  I am not myself a big Wenders fan (my colleague Allan isn’t really one either) but I respect him and know there are some big time fans out there for his work.  Obviously, some liked this film strongly as evidenced by its finish at Number 81.

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