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by Sam Juliano

Ah well.  One of the biggest political upsets of all time has transpired and many are shaking their heads in disbelief.  I predicted Donald J. Trump would win the Republican nomination months ago and I faced quite a bit of scorn and opposition.  I had a perverse side that was actually rooting for him to KO such “progressive luminaries” like Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, especially since I was certain a win in November could never happen.  Then things got tighter, and I stated on last week’s MMD that Trump could well stage an upset.  This election will be discussed over and over and over again, and its implications will last a lifetime.  This is not a political site of course, though the diverse MMD is the place to share views, complaints, expectations and general lamentations.  In any case, I am happy this madness has finally ended,  so focus can now be arts exclusive.  or can it be?

The Caldecott Medal Contender series has been moving forward without a hitch and I want to thank everyone for the comments and support.  The series is doing quite well by every barometer, and authors and illustrators have been sharing them on FB.  Jim Clark and J.D. Lafrance have written some fantastic films reviews, and will continue well into the future.

Lucille and I managed to see five (5) new releases over the weekend.  This was quite a strong line-up, though for now I have resisted going the full five stars with any.  This could change down the line.  We also attended a children’s book event at Books of Wonder in Manhattan.  Bob Shea, Jason Carter Eaton, Ruth Chan, Tim Miller and Greg Pizzoli presented their new books. (more…)

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