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by Sam Juliano

The Horn Book’s Martha V. Parravano stated in her “Calling Caldecott” review of Before Morning by Joyce Sidman and Beth Krommes, “I’m not sure there’s another 2016 picture book that delineates mood so beautifully.”  Though I’d pose that Michelle Cuevas and Erin E. Stead’s intoxicating The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles pushes mighty close in that department, I do in the end have to concur with Parravano.  This is not the first time Sidman and Krommes have explored nature’s wonderments -their Swirl by Swirl altered long held perceptions in the miraculous wedding of lilting lyricism and ravishing watercolor scratchcard illustrations.  The two artists are at it again in Before Morning, a Frostian confection that whisks the reader off into the realm of invocations, where King Midas-like wishes are granted bringing a soothing serenity to a place always operating in the fast lane.  Before Morning operates under the auspices that if you quietly beseech the powers-that-be, a metaphysical response will alter a naturally ordained chain of events, and bring this intended sequence to a screeching halt.  Sidman, in the most perfectly placed and evoked sixty-six words one can possibly imagine in the pages of a picture book has conjured up some spiritual forces -represented on Earth by stone angels in the park- and there is no chance to parlay wishes a la The Monkey’s Paw, the change here is one of permanence, an improbable meteorological aberration willed by positive application that will comfortably blend in with a documentation of prior weather-related events. (more…)

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