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 by Sam Juliano

We have a new president, and after a contentious inaugural speech, violent protests and continued rage we seem to be headed for some difficult times, to put it mildly.  But on the other hand I am happy that perhaps we can focus our attention now to the art and away from politics, which by now has run its course.

The Academy Award nominations will be announced tomorrow morning, so we can address that next week or even on this thread, should anyone wish too after the Tuesday morning announcement.  However, the Caldecott Medal winners were announced today and all five (the gold medal winner and the four honors books) are books in the masterpiece category.  They are:  Medal winner:  Radiant Child by Javaka Steptoe.  Honor Books:  Leave Me Alone by Vera Brosgol; Freedom in Congo Square by Carole Boston Weatherford and R. Gregory Christie; Du Iz Tak? by Carson Ellis, and They All Saw A Cat  by Brendan Wenzel.  I want to thank all those who followed this marathon sixty (60) review series since it launched in early October, for those who placed ‘likes’ both here at the site and on FB, and to the regular commenters:  Jim Clark, Frank Gallo, Laurie Buchanan, Celeste Fenster, John Grant, Peter M., Kimbra Power, Tony d’Ambra, Tim McCoy, Karen, Duane Porter, Alia Jones, Jarie Waterfall, Sergio Ruzzier, Patricia Hamilton, Sharon Lovejoy, Ricky Chinigo, Wendy Wahmann, David Noack, John R., Book Barn Steve and a number of others.  This was a taxing venture that ate up the lion’s share of my free time, or at least one that vied with film at the richest time of the year.  The authors and illustrators themselves were amazing in their own sponsorship of the series and in the many shares on Facebook and Twitter.  This year by far the series received more attention than it ever did.  So many FB people were there with likes on practically every post, or liked many of them and I want to thank as many as I can gather together here:  Fiona Robinson, Peter M., Susan Fabricant Hess, Laurie Buchanan, Sergio Ruzzier, Leon Duncan, Francy Stoller, Nancy Armo,  Lorraine Rotundo, Dennis Polifroni, Toni Yuli, Jeff Gottesfeld, Roberta Rivera, Jennifer Thermes, Raul Colon, Ed Spicer, Wendell Minor, Florence Freedman Minor, Patricia Hamilton, Stacey Innerst, Jack Marsh, Dawn Annabelle, Jordan J. Scavone, Violet Charleston, Gail Maki Wilson, Adam Gudeon, Gina Marie Harner, Rob Costello, Ann Marie Kradenski, Heather Lang, Leon Duncan, Frank Aida, Steve Mazzone, Dana Willcox,, Helen Frost, Wendy Wahmann, Salina Yoon, Lucille Juliano, Tony Pistilli, Boris Kulikov, Elizabeth Stanton, Jessixa Bagley, Theresa Juliano Lynne Rae Perkins,  Barbara McClintock, Jarie Waterwall, Denise Ann Saldutti Egielski, A. H. Taylor, Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Matthew Cordell, Eric Fan, Sharon Lovejoy, Valerie Clark, Susan Hood, Maxine Grgurev, Deborah Freedman, Jonathan Bean, Kate Hoefler,  Daniel Miyares, Stephanie Burke Bellucci, G. Gregory Christie, Sophie Blackall, Dan Richards, Jeff Newman, Anne Hunter, Lori Nichols, Lauren Castillo, Jillian Juliano, Melanie Juliano, Bart Talamini, Jason Giampietro and so many others.

Laurie Buchanan’s regular shares went above and beyond, and to her send on a special thanks!!  Patricia Hamilton shared so many as well and similarly I thank her from the bottom of my heart!  Of course the authors and illustrators shared many to the tune of about 48% of the 60 I wrote!  Thanks many times over!


With actor Lucas Hedges in front of Lucille Lortel Theater on Wednesday night


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