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by Sam Juliano

The latest discussions in regard to a possible new project for the late spring have revolved around the possibility of a “Greatest Television Shows of All-Time” countdown.  We were thinking of Top 60.  If the project happens it is posed to include all shows – including mini-series like The Civil War, I Claudius, The World at War and Pennies from Heaven among others.  Obviously it would mix American, British and any other shows released around the world.  This particular project has been discussed for years, and it seems 2017 may be the time to launch it.  The poll on the greatest War Films is certainly still on the table, but perhaps for another year.  The TV poll will strictly remain at 60, which is still a most formidable venture.

January weather in the Metropolitan area has been comparatively mild, though with February and March ahead it could change quick enough.  The political climate though is pretty dreadful, but I’ll save further discussion for the comment section should anyone desire to broach it.

Lucille and I have been heading to the theaters frantically to see all the essential films remaining ahead of my own Top Ten Films of 2016 posting, set for Monday, February 6th.  We saw a bunch for a second time as well, including Oscar nominated films like The Arrival, Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight, La La Land and Jackie.  If I were to add those to the two first viewings in theaters my total this past week would be seven (7) films.  And that doesn’t include several I watched on amazon prime and netflix streaming. (more…)

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