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by Sam Juliano

Well, well, well. So in the end those who bashed the Academy for the likely choice of “La La Land” for Best Picture can now take all their shameful conspiracy theories and inane cultural blight crap and bury them. I don’t always agree with the Oscars but I respect them. And this year they chose a great film -Moonlight- one of my own Top 10 of the year as the Best Picture, after that embarrassing envelope snafu that has since been owned up by Price Waterhouse, the accounting firm. And our own insightful voters on this very page last week also chose “Moonlight” as Best Film of the Year. No need for “La La Land” rooters to cry though. The beloved musical copped 6 Oscars including Best Director and Best Actress, and many other awards from critics’ groups.

What a great night we had at the Tiger Hose Firehouse, where 36 guests dropped in and out for the six hour window of the event.  Seeing John Grant and his lovely wife Pam drive in all the way from West Milford about one hour away still has Lucille and I gratefully amazed.  Great food, great talk, great entertainment, and all things considered a great show with the hair raising conclusion.  My 86 year old father is seen from back in bottom photo near center, and John and Pam are in top photo talking with yours truly. (more…)

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