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Allan Fish and I launched our arts site WONDERS IN THE DARK in September of 2008, and today after eight years and six months we have passed FOUR MILLION page views!!! I am so proud of this remarkable achievement and of the superlative work done by Allan, Jim Clark, James Uhler, Joel Bocko, Maurizio Roca, Dean Treadway, Dee Dee,  J.d. Lafrance, Pierre de Plume, John Grant, Patricia Perry, Dennis Polifroni, Bob Clark, Jaimie Grijalba, Barry Germansky, Duane Porter, John Greco, Jon Warner, Stephen Mullen, Sachin Gandhi, Marilyn and Rod, Robert Hornak, Brian Wilson, Judy Geater, Laurie Buchanan, Terrill Welch, Patricia Hamilton, Bobby J., Mark Smith, Brandie Ashe, Aaron West, Adam Ferenz, Peter M., Shubhajit, Mark Smith, Marco Tremble, Kaleem Hasan, Jeffrey Goodman,  Celeste Fenster, Peter Lenihan, stephen Russell Gebbet, Samuel Wilson, Camolas, Anuk Bavkist, Ed Howard, Lucille and Melanie Julianoand the many others who have written for the site over the years during the many film countdowns. We went over the top today because of well over 4,000 views from France. I’ve yet to discover why the French were all over the site today, but I love it! WitD covers film, music, opera, theater and books, and is framed by a weekly Monday Morning Diary.

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