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Rock n’ Roll 101

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by Jamie

With the recent passing of Chuck Berry I had a loose idea in my head. As I read piece after piece on his importance to the rock n’ roll form, I wondered what would be the records selected to create the ultimate starter pack on rock music? Meaning, if there was a Rock n’ Roll 101 class being taught at universities (which many do in fact have) what, say 50 records would be on the syllabus? What 50 records would represent the entirety of the canon and scope of rock’s first (almost) 70 years? Attempting to do it all in 50 picks you’d have to be incredibly strict to not have overlap and wasted, redundant picks. You’d want to show everything, scratch every surface that we’ve heard. Hard, but I managed two lists, both doing the same thing but not repeating one pick on either. I’ll present them below and sit anxious to see what others think.

Up in the morning and out to school, the teacher’s teachin’ the golden rule…


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