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Screen cap from the British classic “A Kind of Loving” (1962) by John Schlesinger at Film Forum

by Sam Juliano

Spring weather has finally asserted itself in the New York Metropolitan region as the week before Easter is upon us as we near the middle of April.  The Tribeca Film Festival launches in just nine days, though the actual schedule -aside from the special events- begins on Thursday, the 20th.  Lucille and I will be super active as always, and I’ll be reporting on FB and back at the site here on successive Mondays.  The Montclair Film Festival begins immediately after Tribeca concludes, and there are two dates we will be attending, as our friend Jay Giampietro’s new short is being screened on the opening Friday.

Lucille, the three boys and I attended a local classic rock venue on Saturday night at the Oak Ale House in Maywood, New Jersey where our friends the group Nemysys, presented their usual rock standards in addition to some new additions.  We saw two films in theaters, but both were old classics screened at the Film Forum.  I have seen both, especially the De Mille many times over the years.  Seeing them on the big screen is always a treat.  I also saw numerous newly arrived blu rays of classic films that I plan to re-cap on future MMD’s. (more…)

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