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by Sam Juliano

An Allan Fish Online Festival will commence on our beloved site colleague’s birthday (May 11) and will continue at least for 14 days, though it could well run a few days more (perhaps until May 28th) depending on the level of participation.  The original suggestion made by my longtime site colleague and friend Jamie Uhler, and this resilient Chicagoan has created quite a magnificent poster, while setting the ground rules for the project’s execution.  The specifications were sent on to a limited e mail chain of past countdown writers as well as site members, but nothing is set in stone as far as the actual number, so anyone not previously included is welcome to speak out in the comment section under this post.  The choice for each writer will be to review a film they found online (Allan’s oft-used method of finding rarities) and it will run at WitD and the blogsite of that day’s participant.  Obviously we have a little over three weeks left before we will be launching this and no definitive schedule is expected to be finalized before maybe May 5th or so.  I am guessing that when the smoke clears as far as acceptance e mails go, that we will probably have 17 people writing single reviews.  Unlike other projects at the site there will be only one review to a customer, which of course will allow most invited to accept.  What was originally posed to be a one week tribute could well end up being close to three weeks, but as Jamie said in response. “the more the merrier.”  Also, since this is the first year in a planned project to carry over to other years the bigger pool seems appropriate.  Those planning to participate are asked to respond to me directly on the e mail sent out.  Note:  just to reiterate, the May 18th final date has now been expanded and will be finalized as soon as I find out how many will actually contribute.

Then, in late June we are planning to commence with the long desired Greatest Television Show/Series countdown.  Voters will choose their Top 50, the countdown will go with a Top 60, so we can enjoy ten extra essays.  American, British, and all other foreign country programs will be considered (Berlin Alexanderplatz from Germany for example) and mini series like The Civil War, I Claudius, The World at War are all game.  I will send out the first e mail to the group in a few weeks, but be advised that anyone really taking this project seriously may want to brush up on some shows.

Lucille and I will be attending the annual Tribeca Film Festival beginning this coming Thursday and continuing until April 29th. (more…)

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