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Lucille, Melanie, Danny, Jillian and I with director John Waters at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, N.J. on Tuesday evening, April 18th.

by Sam Juliano

The busiest juncture at Wonders in the Dark is nearing fruition, though the last stage of preparations for the first of two projects -the Allan Fish Online Film Festival- still needs to be finalized.  Thank you to the many who have volunteered to pen introductions/framings/full reviews for the noble venture which was suggested by Jamie Uhler.  The May 11th launch will in all likelihood continue until around the 25th.  Depending on the final number of participants a final schedule is forthcoming.

The follow-up project – the Top 60 Television Shows of All-Time is also reaching the stage where a mass e mail to prospective participants is imminent.  Dennis Polifroni has taken a very active position on this polling -the one dearest to his heart- and has sent on some rules that he feels will contribute to the countdown’s success.  These prospective guidelines will be sent on the day after the Allan Fish Festival in complete, and ballots can be sent all the way up until June 20th.  The Top 60 will then start posting on July 1st and will continue unabated every day until the last essay on August 29th.  Dennis has strongly suggested that each voting choice be no shorter than nine (9) shows.  For example Ken Burns’ The Civil War, a critically venerated miniseries would quality for it, though barely.  I have looked over the prospective rules, and have been most impressed.  Voters are asked to vote for their Top 60, which will directly coincide with the Top 60 we will go with on the countdown.

Lucille, Melanie, Jillian, Danny and I met with director John Waters at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, N.J. on Tuesday evening where the famed cult artist spoke, fielded questions and signed his new book “Make Trouble.” We briefly chatted about our once formidable laser disc collections, our family’s Baltimore tour and the hope that Criterion will do more blu rays of his films. Waters seemed pleased when I told him I thought his films “Female Trouble” and “Desperate Living” were his two absolute masterpieces. Event was run by the Clinton Bookshop, and well over 270 attended. (more…)

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