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Brilliant surrealist coming of age Greek drama “Son of Sophia,” one of the best films at Tribeca 2017

Samantha Elisofon as Sarah Silverstein and Brandon Polansky as David Cohen in KEEP THE CHANGE, utterly charming romantic comedy.

by Sam Juliano

May has arrived and with it a very busy juncture at Wonders in the Dark.  The Allan Fish Online Film Festival planned to coincide with his May 11th Birthday has been a big success in attracting volunteers for the noble enterprise (Jamie Uhler’s brainchild) and tentatively now will be running until the 26th.  In the next day or two I will send out the proposed day-by-day schedule to the e mail group of respondents who are set to write capsules.  So stay tuned, the final itinerary is near at hand.  I will also be notifying the group on the summer Television Countdown, but not until we have the AFOFF all set and ready to launch.  I really would like the attention and energy at this time to be aimed at the AFOFF.

The 2017 Tribeca madness has concluded, and with one re-viewing of a film already seen at the eleven day festival, Lucille and I took in a whopping thirty-eight (38) feature films.  Basically we saw all the major winners, and practically every urgent films that the festival offered.  This was the seventh consecutive year we have attended in prolific force, and all-told the best Tribeca Festival ever.  Aside from one award from the Tribeca jury for Best Documentary Feature for Bobbi Jene, which I just wasn’t crazy for, I can say all the winning choices were given to exceptional films, and I was pleased as punch that my own favorite documentary of the festival, Hondros, won the audience award.  Similarly, one of my absolute top favorites – the narrative musical Saturday Church  placed 2nd for the Audience Narrative prize.  Saturday Church is a very strong contender for my own #1 spot in the comprehensive Top Ten Films of Tribeca 2017 post that will be publishing at the site on this coming Thursday.  I honestly can’t even fathom that my Top Ten won’t find wide releases as each is exceptional and unique. (more…)

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