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by Jamie Uhler

To kick off the inaugural Allan Fish Online Film Festival I thought a film about the magic and allure of cinema could be the only appropriate selection. Cinema—the entirety of it—was the web from which Allan cast us all, trapping us within a history not of individual selections, but mountains upon mountains of eras, genres and movements. Speaking to him about anything singular and specific in the medium inevitably led to a discussion about several films, decades and countries apart. Art, it’d be easily understood, was about all the temperatures, a love born from total emersion in it all, and discussions finding relevance in not the actual film in question, but rather the (sometimes dozens of) points it came from and the echoes it had in turn created and influenced. I also wanted to select a film I’d conversed with Allan about and knew he loved (plus, an ‘Obscuro’ like pick would be even better). Thus, I narrowed in on the only film that I saw as appropriate: György Pálfi’s 2012 kaleidoscopic collage through film history Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen. (more…)

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