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by Adam Ferenz

As my contribution to the festival, I will be presenting a pair of animated films. I will be making this simple, as I want you to enjoy them with as little direct preamble as possible. The first is When the Wind Blows, a film about an imminent nuclear attack, while the second will be Plague Dogs, based on the novel by Richard “Watership Down” Adams. Both films are British, though When the Wind Blows has an American director. This, I think, is the sort of international flavor Allan may have appreciated, though-in his own words, as I would imagine them-the films are all the better for being British rather than strictly American. Such were his views. I do not believe they came from any sort of deep hatred or xenophobia, but rather from his own sense of boredom, tedium and impatience with what he regarded as Hollywood commercialism. When it came to animation, The Unwashed Public had Disney and little else, or so it appeared, and Allan was quite disappointed-though resigned-to this being how people view things on this side of The Pond.

Both films were aimed at adult audiences, and both dealt directly with socio-political issues, with one being about Nuclear war and the eroding conditions of international relations, while the other was about animal experimentation.

When the Wind Blows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVq76YvTPMs

The Plague Dogs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKHQuaaZovs&t=201s


Before I continue with discussion of the films, I want to digress to tell my story about Allan, and what he has meant to me. I first met him on Facebook, on the FB Film Forum, where I am an administrator. I had noticed this highly opinionated fellow, with an avatar of what seemed to be a man with what I took as a very smug expression, in a Santa Claus cap, being more than merely bellicose with the other members of the site. So, after a few weeks of observation, and what I initially perceived as a bad attitude, I booted him for excessive rudeness. Sammy Juliano came to his defense and brokered a peace. Allan and I soon became FB friends and many long hours of discussion on politics, art, literature and history, but especially film and television, ensued. (more…)

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