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Elia Kazan’s most overrated film? I think so. Saw it at the Quad on Sunday in a fabulous print, but the film itself was insufferable. I’m speaking here of his 1963 epic “America America” which was nominated for Best Picture.

by Sam Juliano

The seventeen day Allan Fish Online Film Festival, of inaugural vintage is complete, and the results indicate a smashing success.  It was exciting for all of us to wake up to all the new posts, since even those at the site including myself hadn’t any knowledge what would be appearing, with only two exceptions.  The venture joins the Musical and Comedy genre countdowns and a number of Allan’s own decade projects as the most undeniably successful in the nearly nine year history of the site.  This was a remarkable tribute to all Allan has meant to so many, and doubtless he is looking down from above quite pleased and grateful.  Many thanks to all those who read, left comments and likes and of course generated these extraordinary posts.  Those, like Marilyn Ferdinand, Jon Warner, Frank Gallo, John Grant, Sachin Gandhi and Peter M., I want to give a special thanks for being on top of the postings day in and day out.  But the thanks are really to all with kudos to Jamie for conceiving, designing and scheduling the festival.  The festival will live on as many will slowly avail themselves of all the fabulous suggestions sponsored in the individual postings as well.  Once again a project at this site has featured some truly spectacular writing across the board.

The upcoming Greatest Television Show/mini series project is moving forward with unexpected excitement and enthusiasm, as ballots have been flying in daily.  Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr. is keeping abreast of the situation, and has set a deadline of June 15th for ballots to be submitted.  The plans are to actually begin the Top 60 on July 1st.  As always Jim Clark and J.D. Lafrance has kept the ball rolling along with their own measure of exceeding film scholarship with mid week postings.

Lucille and I were thrilled to meet up with Maurizio Roca, Joel Bocko and Bob Clark on Monday evening, May 22nd to take in a screening of Alien:  Covenant at the Union Square Regal Cinemas and then a wonderful time at the The Dish afterwards.  A scheduling mix up forced me to miss the first forty minutes of the film, so my rating here is really negligible until I re-see the film in its entirety.  I also saw the newly-released Israeli comedy The Woman’s Balcony at the Quad and the 1963 Elian Kazan epic America America (1963) at the theater.  I must say I found the Kazan film (and I do love the director’s work despite his reprehensible stool pigeon maneuverings) rather insufferable and vastly overrated.  It was the one Kazan movie I hadn’t ever seen until this week.

I was never a big Allman Brothers fan, but the untimely passing of icon Gregg Allman this week is another dreadful loss for the arts.  R.I.P Gregg.


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