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by Sam Juliano

The Greatest Television Shows countdown launches this coming Wednesday, June 28th with a treasured essay by Allan Fish set to get the ball rolling in what is now a Top 80.  New additions to the series will be added every single day up until the late September unveiling of the #1 finisher.  Assignments are in place, and amazingly nearly every one has been claimed.  Stay tuned!

Lucille and some of my kids have joined me in attending the Bertrand Tavernier Retrospective in Manhattan, a unique venue that even has the 76 year-old icon introducing and moderating a Q & A from Tuesday through Sunday. Though Tavenier left for France Sunday afternoon the festival will continue through Thursday.  In addition to his full catalog, four other French treasures were screened at the behest of the director who considers the four among his favorite films of all time.  I managed to attend three of the four, with the fourth a title I own on a Region 2 blu ray.

We saw:

Beatrice (1987)   **** 1/2       (Wednesday)  dir: B. Tavenier

The 317th Platoon (1968)  *****   (Thursday)  dir: P. Schoendoerffer

Coup de Torchon (1981)   *****    (Thursday)  dir: B. Tavernier

La Verite sur Bebe Donge (1952)  **** 1/2  (Friday)  dir: Henri Decoin

Round Midnight (1986)        **** 1/2        (Friday)    dir: B. Tavernier

Hotel du Nord (1938)          *****             (Sunday)   dir: Marcel Carne

A Sunday in the Country (1964) *****    (Sunday)   dir: B. Tavernier

The Judge and the Assassin (1976) **** 1/2 (Sunday)  dir: B. Tavernier (more…)

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