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Note:  “Our Hitler” actually finished nine points ahead of the #79 show, but to avert mass chaos after the results were tabulated and posted, I thought it best to just place the work in the #80 spot.  Considering that many of the voters haven’t seen it, the fact that it placed at all is a welcome miracle.

by Allan Fish

(West Germany 1977 429m) DVD1/2 (Germany only)

Aka. Hitler, ein Film aus Deutschland

You are the executioner of the western world

p  Hans-Jurgen Syberberg  d/w  Hans-Jurgen Syberberg  ph  Dietrich Lohmann  ed  Jutta Brandstaedter  m  Gustav Mahler, W.A.Mozart, L.Van Beethoven, Richard Wagner, Joseph Haydn  art  Hans Gailling

Heinz Schübert, Andre Heller, Helmut Lange, Amelie Syberberg, Harry Baer, Peter Kern,

When debating the masters of modern German cinema, most critics would concentrate on the canonical trio, Wenders, Fassbinder and Herzog (with a passing nod to Reitz and Schlöndorff).  And yet arguably the most individual, ingenious and undoubtedly the most demanding, was Hans-Jürgen Syberberg.  His films are hard to see, largely unavailable on DVD anywhere in the English speaking world, but in a film that parallels Arthurian legend, the Grail analogy is a worthy one.  To see your first Syberberg is a life-changing experience, and if his entire oeuvre cannot mean as much as it would to one of his nation, his films remain idiosyncratic treatises of incredible complexity, individual “J’accuse” testimonies to provoke outrage, anger and, occasionally, a nod of acknowledgement.

Syberberg’s masterpiece consists of four parts, and was shown as such on West German television in the seventies; “The Grail”, “A German Dream”, “The End of a Winter’s Tale” and “We Children of Hell.”  Each part probes, examines, and generally performs a post-mortem on the reasons behind the rise and fall of Hitler, his doctrine and iconography, the psyche of the German people and even turns the accusation on the individual viewer.  As the narrator observes, it wasn’t Hitler’s ideals that were beaten but his army.  The ideals stood fast to the very end. (more…)

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by Sam Juliano

In the manner of Allan Fish, whose routine was to post a section devoted to “nearlies” prior to the launch of any countdown he chaired, I wanted to list a number of  the shows that did receive votes on multiple ballots, though I don’t have an official count nor any kind of a concrete vote total to make reference to.  What I do know is that the shows I name here came close to landing on the Top 80, and perhaps would have with the help of perhaps one more mention.  Obviously, if the countdown went to a Top 100 or beyond many would have placed.  I would have loved to add the date of the runs, but just couldn’t sort out the research at this time.  Also, they are listed in no particular order, as the vote totals would reveal them all bunched up.

Batman (original)

Wolf Hall (UK)

Simon Schama’s Power of Art (UK)

I Dream of Jeannie
Sanford and Son
Green Acres
One Step Beyond
Gilligan’s Island
Absolutely Fabulous (UK)
The Perry Mason Show
Penda’s Fen (UK; Alan Clarke)
Son of Man (UK)
Elephant (UK)
Late Night with Conan O’Brien
The Adventures of Superman
Hogan’s Heroes
Get Smart
My Three Sons
The Age of Kings (UK)
The Hollow Crown (UK)
Battlestar Gallactica
The Time Tunnel
Lost in Space
F Troop
Our Friends in the North (UK)
Cranford (UK)
Gormanghast (UK)
Bleak House (UK)
Freaks and Geeks
A History of Britain (UK)
Dance of the Seven Veils (UK; Ken Russell)
Elgar (UK; Ken Russell)
Soul Train
The Ed Sullivan Show
60 Minutes
Scenes from a Marriage (Sweden)
Little House on the Prairie
The Great War (UK)
Up Series (UK)
Heimat 2 and 3 (Germany)
In a Land of Plenty (UK)
1984 (1954; UK)
Mildred Pierce
The Walking Dead
Six Feet Under
The Red Riding Trilogy (UK)
Cathy Come Home (UK)
The Gilmore Girls
Queer as Folk (USA)
Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple
Star Trek Voyager 
Hawaii Five-O
Elizabeth R (UK)
Arrested Development
Leave It to Beaver
Siskel and Ebert
Bob’s Burgers
St. Elsewhere
Barney Miller
The Paper Chase
World on a Wire (Germany)
The Forsythe Saga
Crime Story
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
ABC Wide World of Sports
Kolchak: the Night Stalker
Police Squad!
The Kingdom
House of Cards
The French Chef
Prime Suspect
The Rockford Files
Jewel in the Crown
The Munsters
Mary Hartman Mart Hartman
Doctor Who (UK)
The History of Scotland (UK)
Upstairs Downstairs (UK)
Hill Street Blues
Batman: The Animated Series
Kids in the Hall
Will and Grace
Everybody Loves Raymond
Family Affair
Mission Impossible
Boardwalk Empire
The Abbot and Costello Show
The Ascent of Man (UK)
The Newsroom (Canada)
Murphy Brown
Downton Abbey (UK)
The Courtship of Eddies’s Father
Dennis the Menace
To Tell the Truth
The Beverly Hillbillies
The Young and the Restless
Mister Ed
My Favorite Martian
The Caesars


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