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by Sam Juliano

Ballots for the Top 60 Television countdown, which is set to launch at the site on Saturday, July 1st are due in this coming Thursday, June 15th at 11:00 P.M.  Results will be sent out a few days later to the participating e mail chain after tabulation by Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr.  Anyone who hasn’t yet handed in a ballot therefore can still do so over the coming days.

Our entire brood and Broadway Bob treked out to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania over the weekend as per annual tradition and we experienced a paranormal event of sorts, which a cell phone photo taken by Bob resulted in a ghostly photo over the right shoulder of Jeremy on the battlefield.  I have received all kinds of responses on social media, and can only say at this point that I am unaware of any manipulation or tampering, and believe this to be a legitimate occurrence.  That said I am not a person to fall for this sort of this remotely.  In any event, aside from some scorching weather, this was a memorable trip highlighted by an intensive battlefield excursion and the terrific late night orphanage tour.  We stayed at the “haunted” Gettysburg Inn on the famed hill off Steinwar Avenue.  Returning from Gettysburg Sunday morning we stopped briefly in the Amish country -again as per our normal routine- to have our lunch at the “Good and Plenty,” a popular family style eatery in the heart of Lancaster.

In another unspeakably busy week, I attended (some with Lucille and Sammy and some alone) eight (8) screenings at the Quad this past week of 70’s films as part of two festivals -the end of the Frank Perry retrospective and the “Shadow Cinema of the American 70’s.”  While some of the films are of course on DVD and/or blu ray, several have not been released either way and it is always a special thrill to watch films in the magnificent Quad on the big screen, providing my pocket can sustain such indulgence.  Anyway we saw: (more…)

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The Hustler


By J.D. Lafrance

The Hustler (1961) is a crucial film in Paul Newman’s career. It launched him into the Hollywood stratosphere and marked the beginning of an incredible run in the 1960s, with movies like Hud (1963), Cool Hand Luke (1967) and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969). Newman became a movie star but acted like a character actor, creating one memorable character after another. Arguably, The Hustler is where he really came into his own, delivering a powerful performance as small-time pool hustler Fast Eddie Felson. The film takes place in dingy pool halls, lonely bus terminals and low-rent apartments. It’s a world populated by confident grifters, streetwise bartenders and small-time gamblers. In other words, The Hustler is about people living on the margins, refusing to live the humdrum, 9-to-5 lives that most of us lead.

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Carrie Snodgress gives an extraordinary Oscar nominated performance in the tragically underrated/forgotten 1971 masterpiece “Diary of a Mad Housewife” by Frank Perry

by Sam Juliano

Ballots continue to be turned in for the Top 60 Television Show/Program countdown that remains set to launch on July 1st.  The last day for ballot submission draws closer, on Thursday, June 15th.  Voting Tabulator Extraordinaire Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr. has announced that we have reached around 30 handed in to this point.

Lucille and I attended several feature films in the Frank and Eleanor Perry Film Festival held this past week at the newly refurbished Quad Cinemas in Manhattan.  On second though we engaged in a weekend marathon actually.  The Festival continues over the next few days, and we will again be in attendance for three more features.  The Perrys made some provocative works in the 60’s and 70’s, several of which remain high on any list of underrated works ripe for reassessment.

We saw:

Diary of a Mad Housewife (1971)   *****         Quad Cinemas/Saturday

Compromising Positions  (1985)    *** 1/2      Quad Cinemas/Sunday

The Swimmer (1968)                        **** 1/2     Quad Cinemas/Sunday

Last Summer (1969)                         **** 1/2      Quad Cinemas/Sunday

Mommie Dearest (1981)                  ***                Quad Cinemas/Sunday

Churchill                                              ***                Edgewater/Friday (more…)

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