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by Jillian Juliano

Note:  This is 16 year-old Jillian Juliano’s first review of any kind.

At a young age, we are all taught the principle of what is good and bad.  We are told that when we do something wrong, there are consequences that are inescapable.  Our society enjoys to hold authority figures on high pedestals, as the heroes of modern times.  Along with these heroes come villains.  The basic formula is when the villain does something wrong, the hero swoops in and the villain is jailed saving the day.  What is quite interesting about Orange Is the New Black is that the protagonists are prisoners and many of the antagonists are the prison-guards.  The show also flips the norms of having the “good guy” be this ever-perfect person that just does the right thing without any major slip-ups.  

         The main protagonist, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), is the one of the most flawed characters on the show  if not the most flawed.  This is not because of  lazy writing or poor decisions made by the creator Jenji Kohan.    She is meant to be this way.  She is meant to be this completely raw character with nothing in her life being sugar-coated.  At first, she is set up as a small fish in a big pond so it is quite easy to empathize with her.  That is very quickly overcome as you can only feel bad for her to a certain point.  It is expressed early on in the show that Piper is a lying and manipulative person who mostly does things to help herself.  She is conceited and self righteous and is so incredibly detestable it is hard not to completely hate her at a first glance.  Piper is not a perfect person but somehow the viewers are made to care about what happens to her.   (more…)

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