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by Sam Juliano

Side by side with your loved one/You’ll find enchanted here/The night will weave its magic spell/When the one you love is near.       -“Bella Notte”, Lady and the Tramp

The dictionary definition of a “bucket list”  asserts a written enumeration of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to fulfill before you die.  For many it might mean enjoying a meal at a world-class restaurant, attending a concert of a venerated performer or traveling to a foreign country.  For some it might mean publishing a novel or a meeting a famous person.  Some may work hard to secure a promotion at firm they’ve spent a lifetime serving.  The possibilities are infinite.  In the wrenching and extraordinarily beautiful picture book Stay: A Girl, a Dog, a Bucket List, sisters Kate and M. Sarah Klise have explored this premise with the kind of intimate camaraderie that has long defined the special friendship between humans and their canines.  The artists make it clear in their gentle story of domestic alliance that the most enduring episodes in life are the most seemingly innocuous and the ones most often taken for granted.  Dog owners have long known the dreadful, indeed unbearable aspects of growing to love an animal with a twelve to fifteen year lifespan.  Such a lamentably brief tenure does lend itself to bucket list scrutiny, however, and the author-illustrator have handled the narrative’s inevitability with grace and the indomitable power of love. (more…)

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