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by Sam Juliano

Pumpkin Day is just eight days away and area communities are busy setting the stage with seasonal adornments.  Horror film fans too are employing the month with new discoveries and revisitations, and city festivals have highlighted some genre classics.  The Caldecott Medal Contender series has been moving forward,, with five reviews so far published, and preparation continues for Part 2 of the Greatest Television Series countdown set to launch on February 13th, after being pushed back an additional two months for multiple reasons.  Stellar film scholarship from Jim Clark and J.D. Lafrance continues.

Our resident horror expert Jamie Uhler has again penned a superlative capsule review on a recent horror gem, 2017’s A Ghost Story, which I am posting on this thread to continue the Halloween month celebration.  A Ghost Story, directed by David Lowery is one of my own top films of the year:

A Ghost Story (D. Lowery… 2017) supernaturalPairing Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara together again, as director David Lowery had in the underrated Ain’t Them Bodies Saints previously, promised one of my most anticipated films of 2017. It more or less came and went early in the year, a small film (made astonishingly for 100 thousand) released during a time of year where big studios release their duds, or leftovers from the previous Oscar season. Some noticed it and praised it, but even then this is a film deserving of considerably more attention, a haunting work whose title implies scares, but instead burrows much deeper into an emotional center on loss and closure. 


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