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by Sam Juliano

Halloween 2017.  Northeast weather for the big day should accomodate the trick or treaters comfortably as mid 50’s to low 60’s seems to be the predicted span.  Down on Spruce Street in lower Fairview we usually get deluged with customers, but few days of the year make us all as happy at October 31st.  Horror movies have been dominating our home big screen DVDs and a few more enterprising than that have attended some seasonal chestnuts at local theaters, some of which offer midnight shows.  The Caldecott Medal Contender series continues on, with the seventh and eighth entries planned for later this week.  Jim Clark’s latest fabulous and comprehensive review is on Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women and J.D. Lafrance’s most recent review gem is on the horror film The Town That Dreaded Sundown.

This week’s terrific horror capsule from Jamie Uhler is on a film he admits is a ton of fun and it is offered to all those who get a special thrill of this time of the year:

Tales of Terror (R. Corman… 1962) anthology
During my capsule review of Twice Told Tales I mentioned that the disc from Netflix was a flipper disc, with this movie on the other side. Since I was feeling a little less than 100% yesterday, I thought some classic Corman, with Vincent Price at his side would be the near perfect remedy. 
Well, I wasn’t wrong. Nearly exactly Twice Told Tales quality, Tales of Terror, from a year earlier, finds its difference in being (very loosely) based on three Edgar Allan Poe stories, whereas Tales of Terror focused its lens on Nathaniel Hawthorne you’ll recall. At last years gift Exchange Bob had given me a really cool book covering all the Poe adaptations on screen. At the time after reading much of it, I’d made a mental note to revisit the masterful Corman/Poe/Price films (specifically Tomb of Ligeia and The Masque of the Red Death) and do a Poe dive in general this year. Fast forward about 10 months when I was really sinking into the creation of my list this year and I’d forgotten about the promise to myself. I thought of it when this started, and was happy that going off the script for this one, connected me to my first thought on my 2017 list last year.


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