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by Jared Dec and Trevor Nigg

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast to be posted on Wonders, “Complete Filmography Breakdown”. “The Complte Filmography Breakdown” will involve myself and long-time friend and collaborator Trevor Nigg taking a key director’s filmography and seeing it in its entirety. The major, the minor, and everything in between. The idea is to make a complete study of an auteur’s work and attempt to analyze every aspect of their vision. This series is not replacing my weekly writings for The Fish Obscuro, and I will continue to write articles for it on a weekly basis. We will try to keep episodes between 30 minutes and an hour in length, and will attempt to post them on a biweekly basis, in order to give us enough time to see all the films in question. Each episode will generally cover a maximum of 15 films so longer filmographies such as Bergman’s or Hitchcock’s will have to be split across multiple episodes. The goal with this series is to give more context to the works of filmmakers that are respected and perhaps to bring attention to the higher quality works they made that have fallen through the cracks of time. Below are the links to the first two episodes of the series on Soundcloud. The first is more of an introduction to give background on where Trevor and I are coming from with this series in terms of film-viewing experiences and personal biases. Feel free to skip it if you want to get straight into analysis. The second episode is where we cover the works of Andrei Tarkovsky including his seven major features, all of his student films, and his work for television, Voyage in Time. Forgive the poor mic quality, we had one mic for this set-up, a problem which will be corrected in time for the next episode which will be on the works of Kieslowski. As always feedback is appreciated so if you have issues such as us talking too fast or audio issues, let us know. We are also open to suggestions for directors to cover. We hope you enjoy this series!

Episode 0: The Introduction – https://soundcloud.com/trevor-nigg/the-completionist-episode-0-the-intro

Episode 1: Andrei Tarkovsky – https://soundcloud.com/trevor-nigg/the-completist-episode-1-tarkovsky


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