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by Adam Ferenz

This is going to be short. Most of the entries this time around will likely be shorter than the previous portion of the countdown. The sheer volume necessitates that, but also, if it worked for David Thomson and our own late, great Allan Fish, why not give brevity a whirl?

In Denmark, the government is seated in a single complex, known as Borgen. This series, conceived by writer Adam Price, ran for three seasons and thirty episodes, telling the story of the first female prime minister of Denmark. It tells a tale of backroom deals, compromises, infidelities-political and personal-as well as being entertaining, enlightening and never less than compelling. Several of the actors are recognizable from other roles, with Pilou having gone on to Vikings and now Game of Thrones, while Sigrid Babse Knudsen was last seen on Westworld.

The first season concerns the winning of an unexpected minor majority by a party that has never been in power, and the struggle to assume power by Knudsen’s Birgitte Nyborg Christensen, and her efforts to establish her party in a leadership role through a tense coalition government. The second season follows through on the character building and promises of this, with the third season following her, temporarily out of politics, re-entering the political arena and establishing a new party altogether, and the trials and tribulations involved in that, ending with her making a compromise that is true to her ethical standards, and which gains her the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs. (more…)

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