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by Jared Dec and Trevor Nigg
This week on CFB, Trevor and I talk about all of the films made by one of the most beloved of silent-era film makers, F.W. Murnau. Murnau is well-known as a genius auteur whose life was sadly cut short in a tragic accident. Listen as Trevor and I break down our opinions and thoughts on all 12 of his surviving works. Our working process for the podcast still has some kinks, so again feedback is welcome. We have a new mic this time and the sound is far louder than it was for the previous two episodes.

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by Sam Juliano

I am not a fan of corned beef, and rarely eat red meat, so the weekend run on this St. Patrick’s Day staple went right by me.  The winter temperatures still won’t let go in the metropolitan area, but on the 21st of this month the calendar will be serving Mother Nature an eviction notice.  Whether or not she complies is anyone’s guess.

The Greatest Television series countdown is moving along modestly well, with most writers taking a more subdued approach with essay length.  This is decision I applaud and will also so conform to with my own ten assignments, as this is after all an encore project meant to supplement the Top 80 proper.  Still, shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, which would have finished far, far higher had it been more seen (our previous countdown voting was staged at the time it began airing), are proof we have some fantastic shows set to be highlighted in this follow-up.

Thanks again to resident film scholar Jim Clark for his brilliant additions to the site and to Jared Dec for his fascinating Fish Obscuros and podcasts.  Though J.D. Lafrance is taking a break at present his wonderful reviews are part of what make the site tick.   (more…)

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