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by Brandie Ashe

It started out as a typical concept for an animated series: a man, his wife, and their children run a restaurant in a dingy seaside town somewhere vaguely in the Northeastern United States, and have many odd and entertaining adventures along the way. A slice of life portrait, really, of a typical American family, struggling to get by but keeping afloat with the help of good humor and good friends along the way.

Oh, and they’re all cannibals.

Perhaps not surprisingly, creator Loren Bouchard’s original concept for Bob’s Burgers was scrapped in favor of a straightforward family sitcom, with no human flesh burgers to be found. Still, that initial conceit forms the basis of the pilot episode of the series, in which the family’s youngest daughter, Louise, tells her class about the man-burgers crafted at her father’s restaurant, inviting an unwanted visit from the health inspector.

It wasn’t exactly an auspicious start. To be honest, those early episodes of the show struggle to find their footing, and it takes a while for the characters to really start to develop and grow on the viewer. But as the show moved into its third season, it finally hit its stride, and this weird, wonderful, wacky, and wholly witty series became, in my eyes, a modern-day classic that has cultivated a fervently loyal fanbase.


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