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by Adam Ferenz

As a series that is still ongoing, soon to air the fourth season and possibly to go as long as six or seven seasons, this will not be a “complete” review but will attempt something a little bit different in approach.

Upon being announced, this prequel to Breaking Bad caused fans and critics alike to scratch their heads and wonder why, not only because who needed or really wanted, another Breaking Bad, but why focus the series on Saul Goodman? Saul was a fun character, but slight and a bit lightweight. Besides, he had been sent to live in parts unknown, as a result of Walter White’s flight from the law. Soon, word came that this was a prequel, with hints of what happened after, and still, people thought “no, no, we will just be getting a lot of cute cameos and nods to the future, in Breaking Bad” and then we got word that Jonathan Banks was joining the cast as Mike Erhmantraut, and that Michael McKean had been cast as Charles McGill, the brother of Jimmy “Saul Goodman” McGill. Saul-or should we call him Jimmy-had a brother?

Then the series began, and at the end of the first episode, we saw Tuco, the first “big bad” of Breaking Bad, but instead of feeling like we were going to get a greatest-hits, what we saw in the opening hour felt unique and superbly well crafted. This was certainly in the Breaking Bad universe, but it may well be its own thing. For one, Mike was not yet the sinister cleaner/fixer for Gus Fring, who was nowhere to be seen, and Jimmy was working out of the back room of a nail salon and caring for his brother, one of the partners at a large law firm, who obviously suffered some sort of disability. There was also Kim Wexler, a fellow attorney, who worked at Charles-Chuck’s-firm, and was on intimate terms with Jimmy. (more…)

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