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Pee Wee Herman and the show Pee Wee’s Playhouse will forever stand as a touchstone of 1980’s kids Saturday morning programming. It has remained an iconic show for various reasons. I was drawn to it but was also discouraged from watching it by my parents, which of course made it all the more alluring. I was a huge fan of Muppet Babies on CBS and watched it every week. Thing is, once Muppet Babies was over, Pee Wee’s Playhouse was on next. If my folks were not in the room I left the TV on. If they were around, I had to turn off the TV! To this day if I hear the strains of the beginning of the show, I instinctively look over my shoulder. Paul Reubens and his Pee Wee remain a tremendous example of exemplary children’s programming in an era before cable took over. Pee Wee became a cultural icon and part of the vernacular of the 80’s. There’s even an embarrassing home video of me at age 8 doing the Pee Wee dance. Although I’d like to forget that, there’s no forgetting Pee Wee’s impact on television and culture. (more…)

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