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by Sam Juliano

The e mail response to the upcoming Allan Fish Online Film Festival has been most heartening so far.  John Grant, Marilyn Ferdinand, Roderick Heath, Aaron West, Anukbavkist, Sachin Gandhi, J.D. Lafrance and Jared Dec have all reserved posts in this second annual tribute to our beloved movie mentor.  Undoubtedly there will be others coming forward soon enough.  As always there isn’t any need to reveal what the post will be unless there is a desire to do so beforehand.  I will be touching bases regularly with project founder Jamie Uhler, who will launch the festival with his own essay.

The Greatest Television Series Countdown Encore is doing far better than I imagined it would.  Thank you so much to the fabulous writers who have so far done miraculous work:  Brian Wilson, Brandie Ashe, Pierre de Plume, Adam Ferenz, Dennis Polifroni, John Greco, Jon Warner and Lucille and Sammy Juliano IV.  There will be an eleven day break beginning on Thursday, April 19th for the annual Tribeca Film Festival, which Lucille and I will be attending in force once again.

Our resident film scholar Jim Clark this past week penned another magisterial essay in his Kelly Reichardt series, while the west coast wunderkinds, Jared Dec and Trevor Nigg completed another sensational podcast to rank with any done by film veterans.  Their discussions are astonishingly brilliant and have raised the bar for this kind of thing.  Our friend Aaron West is also a supreme master in this department and his own podcasts are in the same sphere!! (more…)

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