Archive for April 16th, 2018

by Sam Juliano

The annual Tribeca Film Festival is set to launch mid-week and Lucille, some friends and I will be attending on Thursday onward through Sunday the 29th.  During this period the Greatest Television Series Countdown Part 2 will be temporarily suspended but will resume on Monday, April 30th.  Many thanks to all the writers (which a particular shout out to the tireless television specialist Adam Ferenz) who have again risen to the challenge with this project extension.

The second annual Allan Fish Online Festival will also be underway late in May, and we already have around a dozen volunteers including Adam, whose name was accidentally left off last week’s scroll.  Again we are expecting another inspired enterprise in tribute to our beloved film expert.

With the movie bonanza of 2018 facing us square on, we decided to rest up on the theatrical movie front this past week, though in any event it seems this was a release lull.

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