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PS - title - in color

by Robert Hornak

It may be that Police Squad! has the fewest episodes of any on this list, vis-à-vis the number of episodes intended for a regular season of American television. There are only six. It may also be that the mere inclusion here of a product so silly, so bereft of broader social value beyond a few empty yuks, might cause some readers to question the validity of the list itself. Others may circle wagons ’round these half-dozen excursions into absurdity and defend them with volleys of nostalgia, protestations of good-old-fashioned fun, or, God help us all, arguments of its significance as an early paradigm of reflexive meta-entertainment. In any case, it’s on the list, it’s beloved by many, and it’s got a laugh-per-minute ratio, if you’re in the market for its brand of joke, that puts to shame almost anything else on television. The jokes are relentless, some good, some bad, some in poor taste, some so on the nose as to transport the entire operation into stock-in-trade Surrealism. There are puns verbal and visual, physical shtick, dunderheaded miscommunications, and, cinching it all up, an enveloping mock-love for thirty years worth of battered and bruised television conventions.    (more…)

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