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by Sam Juliano

Temperatures have fluctuated from very hot to moderate as summer weather is trying hard to make a permanent play in the metropolitan region.  Our school’s annual 8th grade Washington D.C. trip will be upon us in nine days and for the seventh year consecutively Yours Truly will be again be serving as a chaperone.  Jamie Uhler will be sending on a schedule for the second annual Allan Fish Online Film Festival later this week and I plan to post it on the May 14th Monday Morning Diary.  Who has volunteered for the project?  Jamie Uhler, John Grant, Marilyn Ferdinand, Roderick Heath, Anukbavkist, Adam Ferenz, Aaron West, Jared Dec, J.D. Lafrance, Sachin Gandhi, and Sam Juliano are on board meaning we have eleven (11) days set for the festival which will be launched on Monday, May 28th.  For all eleven writers, please take note the approaching time frame of the project.  As I say, Jamie will have the specific days set very soon and I will appraise all.

Our titanic film scholar James Clark will soon be taking his inimitable magnifying glass to Ingmar Bergman and this spells excitement for serious film buffs.  Jared Dec and Trvor D. Nigg will be complementing Clark with their own podcast on Bergman any day now and the timing, unplanned as such couldn’t be better!

Otherwise it has been a great run for our Greatest Television Series Countdown Part 2 which will break one more time for the AFOFF, but will still soldier on until mid July.  Thanks to all the great writers and those who have taken the time to read and leave comments. (more…)

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