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by Lucille Juliano

There are so many iconic props from film and television that are a part of pop culture.  When you see them, you immediately link them to the movie or television show that they were a part of.  The Wizard of Oz has Dorothy’s ruby slippers.  Back to the Future has the delorean.  Reese’s pieces are a link to ET.  How about the leg lamp from A Christmas Story,  Archie Bunker’s chair,  or a dalek from Doctor Who?  Well, I would safely say that when any fan of sixties sitcoms sees an ornate purple glass decanter it brings them right back to one of my favorite sitcoms, I Dream of Jeannie.

I Dream of Jeannie was NBC’s answer to ABC’s hit, Bewitched.  Created and produced by Sidney Sheldon, the series is about a beautiful blonde haired genie who meets a young handsome astronaut.  They fall in love and eventually get married. I detect some similarities—blonde, magic, love… Both were Screen Gems productions.  That being said, the show went in it’s own direction and has many admirers in its own right.

I Dream of Jeannie had a great ensemble cast of characters and that includes Djinn Djinn, Jeannie’s dog.

Jeannie (Barbara Eden) the central character of the show.  During the first season, you find out that Jeannie did not want to marry an evil blue djinn so he turned her into a  genie and placed her in a bottle for 2000 years as a punishment. Her bottle washes up on a beach and it is found by Captain Anthony Nelson (Larry Hagman) who is returning from a mission.  He opens the bottle freeing her from her imprisonment and as a result he becomes her master for life. He accidentally takes her home to Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Jeannie is young and naive. Tony is good-hearted and a practical-minded kind of guy. (more…)

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