Archive for May 14th, 2018

by Sam Juliano

The currently-running Greatest Television series countdown will break one more time on May 28th to accommodate the second annual Allan Fish Online Film Festival, which will run a little over a week, though some latecomers may alter the plans ever so slightly.  The awesome banner leading the site now was created by Jamie Uhler, and it remain until the end of the AFOFF in June.  At that point the television countdown will resume until its conclusion in mid-July.  There will be no further projects in 2018, meaning our great writers Jim Clark, J.D. Lafrance and Jared Dec will be basically running the show, with Yours Truly contributing here and there with some film reviews and the planned 2018 Caldecott children’s book run.  Further podcasts from Dec and Trevor Nigg may also materialize.

I will be heading down to Washington D.C. this week for the seventh consecutive year as a chaperone for the eight grade class trip, along with my close friend and teaching colleague Broadway Bob Eagleson and six other adults.  The trip runs from Wednesday morning till late Friday night and involves miles and miles of walking while visiting many memorials and landmarks around the capital. (more…)

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