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by Aaron White

(the brevity of this review perhaps reflects the sketch-like nature of the gags in the series)

In March of 2018 Matt Stone and Trey Parker were invited to receive the Freedom of Expression award from a group headed by Norman Lear. The award is generally considered to be a prestigious artistic award for liberal artists and thinkers. While Stone and Parker were accepting the award they said “we’re Republicans.” The group laughed uproariously. They said, “no, seriously.” They fact that this was news, and that we still don’t know whether it’s true or not, or to what extent it is true is one of the reason’s that their South Park is one of the greatest television satires ever made. For a show to be coming into it’s 22nd season and for it to feel as fresh and vital as it ever has speaks to their abilities as writers and performers. Of course, their famous 6 days to air (a deadline that they have only missed once as of this writing) philosophy helps keep things fresh, but it also shows the immense amount of work Matt and Trey put into their art and the dedication that they have to bringing fresh, topical political and social satire to the screen 10 times a year…forever? Well, for now anyways.

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