Archive for June 4th, 2018

by Sam Juliano

Many thanks to all who have followed the Allan Fish Online Film Festival, which is planned to run at the site until Friday June 8th.  The writers again have been up to the task, contributing fabulous reviews of eclectic works only available online.  The television project’s final stage will begin posting a day after the second annual AFOFF concludes.

The school year is winding down and for the very first time in six years the site will not be running a late summer countdown of any sort after the mid-July finale of the Greatest Television Countdown.  This will constitute a well-deserved break for the writers and site readers.  This has been a down period in terms of comments and page views, but I completely understand blogs in general are not what they once were and that there is cyclical aspect to their viability.  As ever Jim Clark will be soon posting his next superlative film essay and other contributors will again publish when the presently running projects finish. (more…)

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