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by Lucille Juliano

It is hard to believe that 40 years have gone by since Taxi began its run on ABC with its final season on NBC. The show was produced by the John Charles Walters Company, in association with Paramount Network Television, and was created by James L. Brooks,  Stan Daniels, David Davis, and Ed Weinberger.  The series won 18 Emmy Awards including three for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Taxi is a sitcom that reveals the world of a crew of NYC taxi drivers who work for the Sunshine Cab Company.  Many of the cab drivers consider their job with the cab company as interim until they are able to realize their true dreams. Elaine Nardo (MaryLu Henner) is a single mom working at an art gallery. Her dream is to have one of her own someday.  Tony Banta (Tony Danza) is a boxer with the dream of becoming a champ. Bobby Wheeler (Jeff Conaway) is an actor waiting for that big break.  “Reverend” Jim Ignatowski (Christopher Lloyd) is an aging hippie minister, a 1960s drug abuse survivor, who seems to be in his own world. Alex Reiger (Judd Hirsch) is the “leader” of the group.  Everyone goes to him for advice. He is the only member of the crew that considers himself to be just a cab driver. The cast is rounded out with Latka Gravas (Andy Kaufman) a naive and simple-minded mechanic from some unknown country and Louie De Palma (Danny DeVito) the tyrannical, short-tempered dispatcher. (more…)

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